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"New Ways of Working, Same Old Gender Inequality": Sociologists Examine New Work Barriers for Women

Tue, October 16, 2012

While recent work transformations in the face of globalization, downsizing and other economic challenges may seem progressive, they can in fact belie progressive aims and undermine female employees.

In a case study of female geoscientists, Dr. Christine Williams, Dr. Chandra Muller and graduate student Kristine Kilanski, who are taking part in the Clayman Institute's Redefining and Redesigning Work (RRW) project, suspect that the evolution of new work structures has in fact created new barriers for women.

Their study of female geoscientists shows three work transformations in particular—the implementation of teams, career maps, and the increased importance of networking for career development—disproportionately disadvantage women. 

For the full summary of the study, please go to the Clayman Institute for Gender Research website.

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