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Scholastic Probation/Dismissal and SUCCESS Agreements

What is scholastic probation?

To remain in good academic standing, students must maintain a minimum grade-point average of 2.0. If their GPA drops below 2.0, they are placed on scholastic probation. Probationary status is reflected on their permanent academic record.

In order to avoid dismissal, the College of Liberal Arts requires all students on scholastic probation to schedule an advising appointment to complete a SUCCESS Agreement each semester. At this time the advisor will attempt to determine what factors are hindering their academic success and make appropriate referrals. The advisor will also explain the minimum academic standards they must achieve in the current semester in order to end probation/avoid dismissal.

Students should schedule a SUCCESS appointment early in the semester. By the time the next registration advising period rolls around, it is usually too late for SUCCESS agreements to be effective.

What happens if students don't raise their GPA to a 2.0?

After their first semester on scholastic probation, if students do not meet minimum academic standards, they will be placed on scholastic dismissal from the University for one long-session semester and any intervening summer session. After their first dismissal, they will return on scholastic probation. Failure to met minimum standards upon returning from the first dismissal will result in a three-year dismissal.

For more information on scholastic probation and dismissal, see the Liberal Arts website.

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