Department of Sociology


Christine Williams
Christine Williams writes on gender, race, and class inequality in the workplace and has studied sexuality, homophobia, and sexual harassment in a wide variety of workplace settings.
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Jennifer Glass
Jennifer Glass studies work and family issues, gender stratification in the labor force, mother’s employment and mental health, and religious conservatism and women’s economic attainment.
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Gloria González-López
Gloria González-López conducts research in the areas of sexuality, gender, Mexican American and Mexican studies, and social inequality. | Homepage | CV

Sharmila Rudrappa
Sharmila Rudrappa teaches on, and researches issues related to gender, race, and labor. Her specific interests are on reproductive markets, with a focus on the U.S. and India. | Homepage | CV

Abigail Weitzman
Abigail Weitzman examines how expectations and desires influence the timing and nature of important events in people's lives, and, reciprocally, how shifting demographic circumstances influence desires, expectations, and behaviors in ways that determine individuals' health outcomes and trajectories. | Homepage | CV

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