Department of Sociology

A Sample of Current Research

Texas Fem(me)Sem at the Sociologists for Women in Society Winter Meeting
Atlanta, Georgia
January 25-28, 2018

Vrinda Marwah, “Just Good Methods? Exploring the ‘Feminism’ in ‘Feminist Methods.’”

Shannon Malone Gonzalez, “If She Says So: The Race, Gender, and Class Politics of Participants as Situated Knowledge and Situated Proof.”

Katie Rogers, “Interviewing the Interviewer: Embodiment, Access, and Rapport in the Field.”

Ruijie Peng, “The Project You Care about: Objectivity, Motivation, and Embodied Research.”

Beth Prosnitz, “Can I Be a Feminist Ethnographer? Reflections on Objectivity and Bias.”

Katie Rogers, “Breaking the Grass Ceiling: Gender, Race, and Class in the US Legal Cannabis Industry.”

Caitlin Carroll, “Antiviolence Organizations in Sweden and the Reproduction of Gender Regimes.”

Kara Takasaki, “Racialized Masculinities: How Work Shapes the Lives of Asian American Men.”

Jessica Goldstein-Kral, “The Relationship Dynamics of Polyamorous Triads: Resisting and Reproducing Inequality.”

Jamie O’Quinn, “Emerging Sexualities: Girls’ Sexual Agency and the State.”

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