South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute

Framing/Reframing: The Five "Media Pillars" of Islam

Wed, April 4, 2012 | (ACE) Avaya Auditorium, 2.302

6:00 PM

Framing/Reframing: The Five

"Framing/Reframing: The Five 'Media Pillars' of Islam" is a presentation by Munir Jiwa, founding director of the Center for Islamic Studies. Jiwa discusses the normative frames through which Islam and Muslims enter the American public sphere, arguing that nothing serves as a more unifying force for the secular/liberal left and the Christian right than their fundamentalist dogmas against Islam and Muslims. 

Jiwa is assistant professor of Islamic studies at the Graduate Theological Union and a visiting scholar with the Religious Norms Project at UC Berkeley.

Sponsored by: The Islamic Studies Program and The Hindi Urdu Flagship

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