South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute

SAI Co-sponsored event: Conference on “Religious Pluralism In Europe and Asia: Conditions, Modes, and Consequences”

Part I: From Antiquity to the Times of Colonialism

Sat, September 29, 2012 | SAC 1.118

9:30 AM - 6:00 PM

9.30-10.00        Mini-Continental Breakfast

                              (Classics Lounge, WAG 116)


10.00-13.15      Session I: Multiple Traditions In the Near East and the Mediterranean

                    Karl Galinsky (University of Texas of at Austin), Chair

10.00-10.40       Eckart Frahm (Yale): “Turning Weakness into Strength: Religious Responses to Imperial Expansion in the Ancient Near East from 700 to 400 BCE”

10.45-11.25       Erich Gruen (Berkeley): “Religious Pluralism in the Roman Empire: Did Judaism Test the Limits of Roman Tolerance?”

11.25-11.45       Break

11.45-12.25       Karla Mallette (Michigan): “The Soul of a New Language: Sacred Languages and Secular Texts in the Medieval Mediterranean“

12.30-12.45       Respondent: Ra’anan Boustan (UCLA)

12.45-13.15       Discussion

13.15-14.45       Lunch break

14:45-18:00      Session II: Encounters of Religions in Central and South Asia

                                                  Volkhard Krech (Ruhr-Universität Bochum), Chair

14.45-15:25       Devin DeWeese (Indiana): "Religious Frontiers and Encounters in Muslim Hagiography and Conversion Tales from Central Asia" 

15.30-16.10       Johan Elverskog (SMU): “Pluralism and the Historian: The Case of Buddhism and Islam“

16.10-16:30       Break 

16.30-17.10       Robert Mayer (Oxford): "Pluralism and the Negotiation of New Religious Identities in 12th Century Tibet"

17.15-17.30       Respondent: Oliver Freiberger (University of Texas at Austin)

17.30-18.00       Discussion

Sponsored by: Co-sponsored by the South Asia Institute

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