South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute

Faculty Retreat

Tue, May 8, 2007 | House on the Hill

12:30 PM - 6:00 PM

All UT faculty members associated with the South Asia Institute are invited to the SAI end-of-semester retreat, to be held at the House on the Hill from 1-6 PM on Tuesday May 8. After a very successful, if also very hectic, semester, this is a chance to sit back and collectively discuss where the Institute has been and is going. It is also an opportunity to thank colleagues and staff for the work they have put in to make the year so active and productive.

The agenda for this meeting is fairly simple. We have about 4 hours for discussion. I hope to identify no more than 2-3 issues to get your feedback on, so that we can discuss these without feeling constrained for time, and can get as many views expressed as possible. I am trying to consult as widely as possible, but if I don’t get to you soon, please send me a note if you have any views on potential agenda items.

As we need to make arrangements for food and drink (note that our priorities are clear), we intend to begin with lunch and end with a reception – please RSVP your availability to Jonathan Seefeldt as soon as possible.

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