South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute

Xuanzang Workshop

Sat, September 15, 2007 | WCH 4.132

9:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Pilgrimage is an important practice in many religions, and Buddhism is no exception. Indeed, it is a significant factor in this religion’s phenomenal spread throughout the world. Xuanzang, who lived in the seventh century, was only one of many such Chinese travelers to India in search of “sacred traces” of the Buddha, but his written account of an amazing journey helped to ensure his long-lived fame. His record provides many details of Buddhist practices as well as the appearance of Buddhist sites and images that would otherwise be unknown. Xuanzang’s particular views of Buddhism and Buddhist India have had a profound impact on practioners and scholars alike, and today he is widely invoked as the paradigmatic figure of a Buddhist pilgrim. This one-day symposium considers the significance of the sacred land of the Buddha through a focus on Xuanzang.

Attendees will receive: • Professional Development Hours (CPE) • Teacher materials • Boxed lunch and other refreshments Register at AISD’s E-campus Contact Joe Ramirez - Social Studies Interim Supervisor for more information on this process. For more information on the workshop, parking instructions, or a map contact Rachel Meyer - Outreach Coordinator South Asia Institute

Sponsored by: South Asia Institute and Austin Independent School District

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