South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute


Wed, September 26, 2007 | DFA 2.204

5:00 PM

“An Artist Talks” New Delhi-based photographer and photo-jounalist, Pablo Bartholomew, will speak about his work and photographic practice. As a photo-journalist, he has won various awards including the World Press Photo award for his series Morphine Addicts in India (1975) and the World Press Picture of the Year for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy (1985).

Pablo has also exhibited widely in museums and photo festivals throughout the world. In addition to group shows at institutions such as the Musee de l’Homme, Paris and the International Center of Photography, New York, his work is currently part of a major exhibition at the Newark Museum entitled, “India – Public Spaces, Private Places” – Contemporary Photography and Video Art” at the Newark Museum. This exhibition is described as the first of its kind in the United States with over 100 works that vividly reflect the interior and exterior realities of today’s India.

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