South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute


A conference exploring the histories, literatures, and ideologies of Asians in the Americas

Sat, October 20, 2007 | Connally Room, Etter-Harbin Alumni Center (UTX)

9:00 AM - 12:45 PM

CONFERENCE TITLE: Asia in Latin America: Across Four Continents DRAFT SCHEDULE 6:00-9:00 Welcome dinner at Fonda San Miguel Greg Vincent welcome

9-10:15 am Friday, Oct. 19 Avayas Auditorium: Keynote Randy Diehl welcome speech Keynote speaker: Jeff Lesser (Emory) “How Shizuo Osawa became ‘Mario the Jap’ and other Stories of Brazilian Ethnicity”

10:30-12:30 Friday, Oct. 19 Avayas Auditorium: Asia’s America: Historical Overviews Chair: Kim Alidio Comment: Evelyn Hu-Dehart (Brown University) Lane Hirabayashi (UCLA): “Imin, Nikkei, Uchinanchu, Dekasegi: Japan's Ongoing Ties to the Americas" Aisha Khan (NYU): “Reassembling the Americas: South Asians and Paradigms for the Present” Lok Siu (NYU): “Chinese Migration Systems”

1:30-3:15 Friday, Oct. 19 Avayas Auditorium: Four Continents, Five Oceans: Systems of Labor and Migration Chair/Comment: Jonathan Brown (UT Austin) Kathleen Lopez (CUNY-Lehman) "Beyond Indenture: Strategies of Social Mobility among Chinese Workers in Late-Nineteenth-Century Cuba" Ben Narvaez (UT Austin) “The Two Sides to Coolie Ideology in Nineteenth-Century Peru” Sharmila Rudrappa (UT Austin): “Comparing Guest Worker Programs in the United States: Race, Labor, and Masculinity Among Indian and Mexican Immigrants”

3:30-5:15 Friday, Oct. 19 Avayas Auditorium: Border Contestations: Comparing Mexican and Asian Migration and Settlement Chair: Nhi Lieu (UT Austin) Comment: John McKiernan-González (UT Austin) Su Yeong Kim (UT Austin): “Heritage Language Fluency, Ethnic Identity, and School Effort of Immigrant Chinese and Mexican Adolescents” David Hernandez (UCLA) “Nexus of Injustice: Asian and Latino Immigrant Detention” Anna Pegler-Gordon (MSU): "From Imaginary Line to Dividing Line: Chinese and Mexican Immigrants on the U.S.-Mexico Border, 1907-1929" Nestor Rodriguez (University of Houston): "Comparative Experiences and the Emerging Nexus of Asian and Mexican Immigration"

9:00-10:45 Saturday, Oct. 20 Connally Room: Asian Mexicans Chair: Sharmila Rudrappa (UT Austin) Comment: Seth Garfield (UT Austin) Julia Schiavone-Camacho (SMU): “Between Homelands: The Expulsion of Chinese Mexican Families from Mexico to China and Repatriation to Mexico, 1931-1962” Grace Delgado (PSU) “Transnational Chinese Networks Inside/Outside the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, 1874-1924” Jerry Garcia (MSU) "I am 60% Japanese and 60% Mexican": Japanese Immigration, Identity, and Community Development in Mexico, 1897-1945"

11:00-12:45 Saturday, Oct. 20 Connally Room: Inscribing a Latin American Orient Chair: Julia Lee (UT Austin) Comment: Mauricio Tenorio (U. Chicago): “Mexican Orientalism, 1880-1940: An Interpretation” Jose Limon (UT Austin): “Americo Paredes, South Texas and Globalization: The Japanese Question” Cesar Salgado (UT Austin) "On Borges' Early Orientalism." Zelideth Maria Rivas (UC Berkeley): “Kiyotani Masuji: Jun-Niseis Rubrics of Victimization”

Sponsored by: The Center for Asian American Studies, The Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, College of Liberal Arts, Barron Ulmer Kidd Centennial Lectureship, Division of Diversity and Communit

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