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South Asia Institute

Lecture and Demo

Dr. Omanakutty meets students of Asian studies and South Indian cultures and languages courses.

Thu, October 25, 2007 | ART 1.120

12:30 PM - 2:00 PM

Professor K Omanakutty Amma began her life as academician in the sixties and continues to be an academician and professional imparting this traditional music particularly in one of the beautiful and culturally vibrant states of India, Kerala. Her service to music is incomparable. She served in many capacities beginning from lecturer to professor in educational institutions and director of Music institutions. She is currently professor of Music Therapy at Pankaja Kasthuri Ayurveda medical college in Thiruvananthapuram and this field is her current field of research. She was Dean Faculty of Fine Arts in Kerala University and Mahatma Gandhi University from 2003-05. She had won over a dozen prestigious awards from Kerala and elsewhere for her meritorious service to Indian classical music. She performed Music Concerts in the U.S.A, Spain, U.A.E, and Singapore before. Now she is touring in the US and giving her performances in many educational institutions and for the public. She gives talks in Texas on various topics such as, Characteristics of Karnatic Music, Musical forms found in Karnatic Music (lecture/ demo), Simple compositions having western style and meets students on UT campus.

Sponsored by: Department of Asian Studies and South Asia Institute

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