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JWALA (FLAME) Dedicated to the Statute of Liberty and Raja Mandalam (Dedicated to Swati Tirunal)

The director of Angahara Ensemble is Ramaa Bhardwaj, is a performer, writer, dance choreographer and dance activist who has won Lester Horton dance awards multiple times; won the Special Director’s award from California Cultural Center for exemplary contribution; and chosen as one of the 21 exceptional South Asian women in the U.S. and featured in the cover page of Dance magazines. Her production Panchtantra has been broadcast KCET TV( PBS affiliate) In California and performed in Hollywood Bowl

Sat, February 9, 2008 | Helm Fine Arts Center, St.Stephen’s School, Austin

6:30 PM

The program will have two parts. The first half will be an excerpt from the much acclaimed RAJA MANDALAM, a dance story describing the life of the 19th century king, composer, songwriter and patron of the arts Swathi Tirunal. It is choreographed by Ramma with special music from Rajkumar Bharathy .The second half will be an excerpt from Angahara’s full production “Story of Light” called Jwala (Flame). Beautifully choreographed with dance sequences and story telling , it combines the Bharatnatyam vocabulary and jazz inspired movements to depict the story of transformational processes thru which the immigrants rediscover their roots in their new home.


$100 (V.I.P); $50 (reserved); $20 (general) ; $15 (srs and stds) On line; for more details go to or Call IFA (512-918-1351) Catered snacks will be available.

Sponsored by: Austin India Fine Arts

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