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South Asia Institute

Islamic Studies Lecture Series

Ahmed Azfar Moin, who finished his M.A. at the University of Texas and is now a doctoral candidate at the University of Michigan, will present his exciting research on early-modern Iran and South Asia. Azfar is a visiting researcher at the South Asia Institute this semester.

Tue, April 22, 2008 | Meyerson Conference Room (WCH 4.118)

5:00 PM

Abstract: Lord of the Conjunction or Sahib Qiran used to be a title of kings and heroes. The most famous bearer of the title is Timur, or Tamerlane (d. 1405) as he is known in the West, the great Central Asian conqueror who ruled over much of Asia at the end of the fifteenth century. Another great Lord of the Conjunction was not a king but a legendary hero of the wonderful and magical Persian epic of Amir Hamza, one of the most popular oral tales performed in the palaces, streets and camps of early modern Islamdom. This lecture explores history, literature and art from early modern Iran and South Asia to ask why great kings and super heroes of the early modern Islamic world vied for a label that was coined by astrologers and claimed by messiahs.

Sponsored by: Islamic Studies and South Asia Institute

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