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Tue, September 23, 2008 | Meyerson Conference Room WCH 4.118

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

B.RAMESH BABU is currently an Adjunct Professor, School of Public Policy, ICFAI University, Hyderabad. Dr. Babu is also the Executive Director, Centre for Governance and Development, and Centre for Global Studies, Hyderabad. He was the UGC Emeritus Fellow at the University of Hyderabad during 2000-2002. Prior to that he served as the Research Director at the Foundation for Democratic Reforms, Hyderabad. Dr. Babu is a specialist in International Politics and American Politics and Public Affairs. He was the Senior Academic Fellow in International Relations at the American Studies Research Centre, Hyderabad, 1994-1997. Dr. Babu taught, did research and guided research at the University of Bombay for 28 years. He was the Sir Pherozeshah Mehta Professor of Politics, 1980-1994 and Head of the Department of Civics and Politics, 1985-1994 at the University of Bombay. Dr. Babu won the Senior Fulbright Fellowship twice.

Dr. Babu published ten monographs and books and over 50 articles in learned journals and periodicals. These include: “Multipolarity: The Ultimate Global Reality,” ICFAI Journal of International Relations, 1 no.3 (October 2007) 7-22. “Proximate Adversary and Potential Ally,” in Chinese Chakkar, a special issue of Freedom First, No. 482 (July 2007) 8-11. “The Nuclear Deal: A Paradigm Shift in India-US Relations,” ICFAI Journal of Governance and Public Policy, no.1 (March 2007) 9-23. “The Liberal Capitalist West as the New `Global State,`” International Studies, 43 no.3 (July-September 2006) 291-304. “Glocalization” and the Indian Nation State: Jurisdictions and Loyalties in Flux (2004). Globalization and the South Asian State (1998). Changing Global Political/Ideological Context and Afro-Asia: Strategies for Development (1996). Minorities and the American Political System (1989). Thoughts on the American Presidential System and its Relevance to India (1982). “India and the Confluence of Cultures?,” One India One People, 2 No. 1 (June 1999) 51 – 54. “Americanisation of the World: Myth and Reality”, Freedom First, 422 (July – September 1994) 23-27. “New Cold War and India,” Yearbook of India’s Foreign Relations 1982-1983 (1985) 151-61. “Mutual Carping to Reciprocal Restraint; Speculations on the Future of Indo-US Relations,” Indian Journal of American Studies, 13 no.1 (January 1983) 107-118. “Landslide and After: Four more years of Nixon,” India Quarterly, 39 (January – March 1973) 9-25. “American Military Alliance System in Transition”, International Studies 10 (July1968) 109-130. Nuclear Proliferation and Stability in Asia, Economic and Political Weekly (7 September 1968). “Centre Vs. the Fringe: The 1964 American Presidential Elections”, International Studies, 6 no.4 (April 1965) 367-420. Professor Babu did research at Princeton University (1957-58); University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia (1963-66); and George Washington University (1971); taught at Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa (1974-75); did research at the Brookings Institution, Washington D.C. (1984); and taught at the University of Texas, Austin (1988); and was a Resident Fellow, International Centre for Jefferson Studies, University of Virginia. As an expert on the US, Dr. Babu was invited in 1985 by the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow for a brief study trip. He gave lectures and participated in International Conferences in USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany, Egypt, USSR, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, Mauritius and Austria.

Dr. Babu was the President of the Hyderabad Chapter of the Indian Liberal Group till June 2005. He was educated at the Andhra University , and at the Indian School of International Studies, New Delhi, and University of Delhi (Ph.D.).

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