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In cooperation with the South Asia Summer Language Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (SASLI), the South Asia Institute at UT-Austin plans to offer online courses in the South Indian languages Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada during summer 2024. All courses will be offered through UT Extended Campus, but administered through SAI. 

The SAI Summer Language Program Application Window for Summer 2024 is Now Closed

Questions and concerns can be addressed to

Subject to sufficient enrollments and hiring, the following courses will be available:

  • SAL 506 First-Year Kannada I and SAL 507 First-Year Kannada II
  • SAL 312K Second-Year Kannada I and SAL 312L Second-Year Kannada II
  • MAL 506 First-Year Malayalam I and MAL 507 First-Year Malayalam II
  • MAL 312K Second-Year Malayalam I and MAL 312L Second-Year Malayalam II
  • TEL 506 First-Year Telugu I and TEL 507 First-Year Telugu II
  • TEL 312K Second-Year Telugu I and TEL 312L Second-Year Telugu II


  • Beginner/first-year students will receive 10 hours of credit upon successful completion of both summer sessions (or 5 hours of credit for each first-year summer session).
  • Intermediate/second-year students will receive 6 hours of credit upon successful completion of both summer sessions (or 3 hours of credit for each second-year summer session).

* Please note that these courses are not in-residence credits at The University of Texas at Austin if you are not a UT-Austin admitted student.

 Tentative Dates


  • May 1 – Applications due
  • May 5– Application fee of $50 due through "What I Owe"
  • May 10 – Notifications of any cancelled courses
  • May 17 – Remaining tuition payment due through "What I Owe" (minus the $50 application fee)
  • May 17 – Last day to withdraw for a full refund
  • Late May to Early June – Participants officially registered with University Extension
  • June 6 – First Term classes begin
  • June 13 – Last day to withdraw for a 50% refund
  • June 19- University Holiday
  • July 4 – University Holiday
  • July 12-13 – Final exams for first term
  • July 15 – Second Term classes begin
  • August 17-19 – Final exams for second session
  • No later than August 31 – Transcripts available from Registrar's Office

Program Tuition

The standard fee for each course is $2500, or $5000 for the full summer. However, significant fee reductions are available for students without fellowships or other external funding. FLAS Fellowships, covering the full program fee and a stipend, are also available for eligible UT students. Inquire with to determine whether you are eligible for a fee reduction or a fellowship.

Before You Begin

1. Have your UT EID (electronic ID) handy. If you don't have an EID or have forgotten it, go here.

2. Prepare a statement of purpose (up to 1500 characters) describing the goals you want to achieve by studying the language to which you are applying.

3. Gather unofficial transcripts from any university you have attended, to be uploaded as PDFs.

4. Your application is not complete without a $50 application fee due by May 5. You will be notified by email when the fee is posted on UT Direct "What I Owe." The application fee of $50 will go toward your final tuition cost. The fee is non-refundable except in the case a class is cancelled. 

Upon acceptance to the program, you will receive an emailed letter of acceptance that you must sign and return by email. Full tuition is due May 17, billed through "What I Owe."

Questions? Contact the South Asia Institute at

Information for High School Students Interested in the Summer Language Program

All students taking a course for credit at UT Austin, including UEX courses, must comply with the Texas Success Initiative (TSI) or have an exemption from the TSI. High school students can meet this requirement by demonstrating their exemption through test scores.

  • The University’s Undergraduate Studies college posts the test scores that are eligible for exemption here:
  • By having one of these (either SAT, ACT, TAKS, or STAAR End-Of-Course scores) in both math and reading/writing, students may be eligible for the Summer Language Program.
  • Please send the official test scores report for documentation to

For students interested in receiving dual credit, please fill out the following form:

Student Guidelines

Students should expect to spend a minimum of 3 hours per day in class Monday-Friday, and additional time on homework and class preparation (everyday, including weekends). Class times are set by the instructor and not the South Asia Institute.

Students must:

•Meet all class requirements as stated in the syllabi, which will be provided during the first-class meeting or by email;

•Attend all classes and program events, unless otherwise directed by program faculty or staff;

•Earn a C+ or better in all first-session courses;

•Not behave in any way that is disruptive to or disrespectful of the learning environment or that endangers themselves, their classmates, or program faculty or staff;

•Abide by all rules and policies of the University, campus facilities (e.g., library, health center), and housing sites.

Failure to meet any of the standards and requirements listed above will result in consequences up to and including dismissal from the program, without refund.  Continuation to second-session courses is contingent upon meeting all standards and requirements listed above during the first session.

The course instructor reserves the right to place a student in a course other than that to which the student was admitted, if it is determined that the student’s proficiency level is not appropriate for the original course.

Students may withdraw from the program and receive a full refund up to May 17. After that date, students may withdraw from the program and receive a partial refund (50% of the tuition) up until 11:59 pm (CST) on June 13. Tuition refunds will be given according to the schedule below.

            Withdrawal date                                             Tuition refunded

            May 17 or earlier                                            100%

            May 18- June 13                                             50%

Studying in an intensive summer language program can be challenging and requires a significant daily time commitment. You should expect to spend a minimum of 3 hours per day in class Monday-Friday, and additional time on homework and class preparation.

Program participants must adhere to all institute standards and policies, as outlined in the syllabi and student guidelines. Accepting admission to the program constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions and commitment to abide by them. Please note that the Summer Language Program is equivalent to two semesters of coursework (one academic year). Continuation to the second session is contingent upon academic performance and adherence to all standards and policies, as outlined in the syllabi and student guidelines, during the first session. Failure to meet these standards may result in dismissal from the Summer Language Program without a refund.

Classes run Monday through Friday. Classes are not held on the weekends; however, you should expect homework over the weekend. The summer is divided into two sessions. There will be no assigned homework during the break between the two sessions. 

We strive to create a rich language environment for students, and this requires that all participants and faculty use their language of study as much as possible in course-related activities.

Beginning students are encouraged to use their languge of study as much as possible during the first session of the summer and will be expected to use the language in class activities in the second session of the program.

Intermediate students are expected to use their languge of study while engaged in class activities. This means using the language with your professors, TAs, and fellow students at all times while in class and studying. In discussions of grades or personal matters with faculty and staff, you are welcome to use English.

We are excited to have a group of graduate students, undergraduate students, and professionals from across the country join our summer program, representing a variety of programs, majors, and academic and professional interests.