South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute

4th Annual Austin Asian Film Festival

Tue, November 6, 2007

Each year CinemaAsia organizes the Austin Asian Film Festival, a cutting edge festival that reflects the talents of established and emerging filmmakers while exploring the social/cultural issues of the diverse regions of Asia. Through its humanistic, independent and thought-provoking films, the festival celebrate the strength, humanity and spirit of Asians and Asian Americans.

CinemaAsia owes its existence to Professor Chiho Sawada, who taught a Korean Film and Literature course at the University of Texas at Austin in the fall semester of 2002. His introduction of Korean New Wave films inspired two students to create an organization that would bring such films to the Austin community. In doing so, the founders believed that the films would not only reflect the talents of the filmmakers, but also promote cultural awareness to viewers unfamiliar with Asia. The result was the CinemaAsia Austin Asian Film Festival in the spring of 2004.


- Hosting the Austin Asian Film Festival. - The promotion of Asian film and culture through screenings, seminars and workshops. - Asian film education for high school students. - To connect UT and Austin communities interested in Asian film and culture.

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