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Cyclone Sidr Victims' Compensation Fund

Thu, November 29, 2007

With wind speeds exceeding 250 kmh (155 mph), the storm and its accompanying surge killed over 3,200 individuals and another 1,800 are feared missing. Damage to crops, livestock and property is expected to run into billions of US dollars. Over 7 million Bangladeshis are suffering from the immediate aftermath of Sidr.

Modeled after the 911 Fund, the Sidr Victims’ Compensation Fund intends to make a cash payment of approximately $100 per fatality to surviving family members. Only direct family members such as spouses, children, parents and siblings are eligible beneficiaries, and funds will be delivered to the closest surviving female head of household. The fundraising is being conducted by Bangladeshi expatriate groups that have come together under the umbrella of the United Bangladesh Appeal for this purpose. Already these groups have pledged almost $200,000 for the fund. Partner organizations in Bangladesh will compile a detailed list of the victims and their respective beneficiaries. Both sets of organizations will come together for the actual distribution of funds. Donated funds may not be used for any purpose other than to compensate Sidr victims. All administrative, organizational and incidental costs will be borne by the partner organizations. For more information including how to donate to the Sidr Victims’ Compensation Fund, please visit

United Bangladesh Appeal is an internet-based umbrella organization created to unify the numerous expatriate Bangladeshi groups under a common goal in times of crisis or need. Its motto e pluribus unum – ‘many, uniting into one’ – is proudly borrowed from the great seal of the United States .

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