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Buddhism in South Asia

Fri, September 21, 2012
Buddhism in South Asia

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Thursday, October 4th, 2012:


Steven Collins, The University of Chicago, "Theravada Civilization(s) and Pali Practices of the Self (sic)"

Oliver Freiberger, The University of Texas, "A Barely Noticed Event: The Formation of the Sangha in Buddhist Historiography"

Richard Salomon, The University of Washington, "A Newly Identified Bamiyan Manuscript of the Ekottarikagama (Numerically Arranged Sutras) in Gandhari"

Friday October 5th, 2012


Janice Leoshko, The University of Texas, "What Some Buddhist Images Do Not Tell Us"

Gregory Schopen, Brown University, "On the Fragrance of the Buddha, the Scent of Monuments, and the Odor of Images"

Friday October 5th, 2012, 1pm-5pm
Capitol Room, Edgar A. Smith Building (across from the Blanton Museum)

Symposium "Out of Place: Tibet, Travel and Buddhism in the 20th Century"


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