South Asia Institute
South Asia Institute

Institute to Host a Teacher Workshop on Islam in South Asia

Sun, August 14, 2005

Topics to be Covered

"The important place of Islam in the development of South Asian culture for many centuries
"How Islam emerged as a significant force in South Asia
"The ways (often misunderstood) in which Islam has interacted with other aspects of South Asian culture
"The Taj Mahal (Built in the seventeenth century by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his wife, the Taj Mahal significantly reflects the diversity to be found in India.)
"The sophisticated visual culture created by elements drawn from Hindu, Persian, and European traditions during the rule of the Mughals from the sixteenth through eighteenth centuries
"Other selected aspects of Islamic traditions in South Asia

Attendees will receive: Professional Development Hours (CPE)
Teacher Materials on Buddhism
Lunch will be provided

Register at AISD's E-Campus Contact Rosemary Morrow, Instructional Coordinator, AISD, for more information on this process. For more information on the workshop, parking instructions, or a map contact: Jordan Phillips, Outreach Coordinator South Asia Institute or (512) 475-6038

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