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UT Media Center: (Lesson Plan) All About My Childhood

In this two-day lesson, students work with a personal artifact from their childhood to develop their ability to use description in spoken and written Spanish.

Lesson Plan: All About My Childhood

UT Media Center: (Lesson Plan) Irregular Present

In this two-day lesson, students review the present progressive, immediate and irregular verb forms in the present while working with the Dominican short film 'La cartera'. Students anticipate the ending of the film and compare the Caribbean activity vitilla to American baseball.

Lesson Plan: Irregular Present

UT Media Center: (Lesson Plan) Gustar Bingo

Bingo Activity with Gustar: This interactive, community building activity gets students up and out of their seats to practice talking about likes and dislikes.

Worksheet: Gustar Bingo

UT Media Center: (Lesson Plan) Ordinal Numbers

In this listening activity on ordinal numbers, Stephanie engages her students through short video clips of native speaker interviews accessible through the UT Austin Spanish Proficiency Exercises website.

Worksheet: Ordinal Numbers

UT Media Center: (Lesson Plan) Ser and Estar, Indirect Object Pronouns

In these videos, Christian reviews uses of ser, estar and hay with his students and introduces indirect object pronouns.

Lesson Plan: Ser and Estar Worksheet: Ser and Estar

UT Media Center: (Lesson Plan) Ser, Estar, Hay and Gustar

Early in their first semester of Spanish, Celina has her students practicing using regular verbs and are learning to use and distinguish between the verbs ser, estar, and hay. In addition, they are also introduced to the verb gustar to talk about their likes and dislikes.

Book excerpt: Impresiones 60-62   Worksheet: Ser and Estar Hay 

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