Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Don’t get derailed by your foreign language requirement!

Stay on track—complete your Spanish requirement in one year!

Now that the new courses in Spanish have been redesigned into a sequence of three semesters (SPN601D, SPN610D & SPN611D), you can easily complete your language requirement in one year by choosing one of the following options:

Option 1:  Take SPN 604 and 612 during the regular academic year (Fall and Spring) 

Option 2: Take SPN 601D and SPN 610D during the regular academic year (Fall and Spring) and SPN 611D during summer session I or II

Option 3:  Take SPN 601D in the Fall or Spring and take both SPN 610D and SPN611D during summer sessions I and II, respectively

Option 4:  Complete SPN 601D and 610D in any semester, and take SPN 611D (session I or II) in one of our faculty-led summer study abroad programs in Santander, Spain

Why are summer courses advantageous?

•    You can finish the language requirement in one academic year if you start in the fall or spring.
•    You can become eligible for study abroad sooner.
•    You can finish each summer course in five weeks.

For more information, feel free to contact our Academic Advisor,  Sarah Singer (, BEN  2.108.

*DISCLAIMER:  These are the expected course offerings, and are subject to change based on possible fluctuations in staffing and/or budget.

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