Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Don’t get derailed by your foreign language requirement!

Stay on track—complete your Spanish requirement in one year!

Option 1:  Take SPN 604 and 612 during the regular academic year (Fall and Spring).  This accelerated track is designed for Spanish heritage learners.

Option 2: Take SPN 601D and SPN 610D during the regular academic year (Fall and Spring) and SPN 611D during summer session I or II

Option 3:  Take SPN 601D in the Fall or Spring and take both SPN 610D and SPN611D during summer sessions I and II, respectively

Option 4:  Complete SPN 601D and 610D in any semester, and take SPN 611D (session I or II) in one of our faculty-led summer study abroad programs in Santander, Spain

What are the advantages to summer courses?

•    You can finish the language requirement in one academic year if you start in the fall or spring.
•    You can become eligible for study abroad sooner.
•    You can finish each summer course in five weeks.

For more information, contact Lia Haisley,

*DISCLAIMER:  These are the expected course offerings, and are subject to change based on possible fluctuations in staffing and/or budget.

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