Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Language Program

Welcome to the Language Program of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UT!

OUR VISION: The Spanish and Portuguese Language Program addresses the basic tenet of a liberal arts education: the development of a critical thinking approach towards the analysis of language in society. This objective is framed in an overall worldwide trend towards political and economic internationalization and an increasingly diverse and multicultural work environment.

OUR MISSION: The Spanish and Portuguese Language Program focuses on the development of multilingual literacies through the analysis and use of Spanish/Portuguese as a second language. The program’s specific objective is the development of three major types of competencies (all equally ranked in terms of importance):

(1)  linguistic competence (phonetics & phonology, morphosyntax, lexicon, discourse, etc.)

(2)  communication / interactional competence (sociocultural uses of the language, pragmatics, cultural backgrounds & perspectives)

(3)  metalinguistic competence (language as a conceptual, symbolic system embodied in language use, functions, and forms)

OUR GOAL: Our most important goal is to provide the highest level of education in the teaching of Spanish and Portuguese as a second language. In order to achieve our pedagogical goal we train and supervise more than 60 instructors.

OUR AUDIENCE: We offer first to third year Spanish and Portuguese courses to approximately 3,000 students per year. The present section of the Department’s website is primarily designed for the students who enroll in courses that are part of the Language Program.


SPN 601D Beginning Spanish                                          POR 601D Introductory Portuguese

SPN 610D Intermediate Spanish I                                   POR 610D Intermediate Portuguese I

SPN 611D Intermediate Spanish II                                   POR 611D Intermediate Portuguese II

SPN 604 Spanish for Heritage Learners                            POR 610S Portuguese for Spanish Speakers I

SPN 612 Intermediate Spanish for Heritage Learners         POR 611S Portuguese for Spanish Speakers II


Language Program Director: Melissa Murphy
Course Supervisors: 
Celina Nevárez (Beginning Spanish - 601D)
Sarah Whitehead (Intermediate Spanish - 610D)
Mina Ogando (Intermediate II Spanish - 611D)
Portuguese Coordinator and Supervisor: Vivian Flanzer (Beginning and Intermediate Portuguese)