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Poéticas para el siglo XXI / Poetics for the 21st Century

Poetry Reading by Mayra Santos-Febres (Afro-Latina, Puerto Rico) and David Aniñir (Mapuche, Chile)

Thu, September 1, 2016 | CLA 1.302E

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Poéticas para el siglo XXI
Poéticas para el siglo XXI

Poetry Reading by Mayra Santos-Febres (Afro-Latina, Puerto Rico) and David Aniñir (Mapuche, Chile)


On Thursday, September 1st, from 4:00pm to 6:00 p.m, in CLA 1.302E, on UT campus, Poetics for the 21st century / Poéticas para el siglo 21 at UT Austin presents a poetry event entitled "Afro-Rican Mapuche Poetics: Santiago / San Juan," which will feature acclaimed poets and writers Mayra Santos-Febres(San Juan, Puerto Rico) and David Aniñir Guilitraro(Santiago, Chile).


This poetry event is sponsored by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and co-sponsored by Native American and Indigenous Studies (NAIS); the Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (LLILAS); The Graduate School's Academic Fund; the Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice; and the Comparative Literature Program at The University of Texas at Austin.



Mayra Santos-Febres is currently one of the most recognized Afro-Latina writer up to date.  A Puerto Rican poet, novelist, essayist and critic, has published more than twenty fiction and non-fiction books. Her poetry works Anamú y Manigua, El orden escapado (1991), Boat people (2009) and Abro mi sangre (2010) reached critical acclaim. Her short stories collection Pez de vidrio won the University of Miami Letras de Oro literary prize in 1994, and Oso Blanco won the Juan Rulfo award in 1996. Her first novel, Sirena Selena vestida de pena (translated in English as Sirena Selena) tells stories about gender fluidity, racial and sexual identity struggles in the Caribbean. Sirena has already been translated to English, Italian and French, and was finalist at the 2001 Romulo Gallegos Award. She has won a UNESCO Medal of Culture (2010), a Jonh S. Guggenheim Fellowship Award (2009), and many other international distinctions. Santos-Febres holds a Ph.D. from Cornell University, has been a visiting scholar at Rutgers, Harvard and Cornell as well as at the Universidad de Yucatán, Mexico, and Lieden University, Holland. She currently teaches Creative Writing at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, where she focuses her work around gender, power, diasporic identities, and sexuality, amongst others.  Santos-Febres is also the founder and Director of El Festival de la Palabra, an international festival for the promotion of literacy and internationalization of Puerto Rican Literature.


David Aniñir Guilitraro, a Mapuche poet, performer, and activist based in Santiago (Chile), is one of the most acclaimed contemporary Mapuche poets. Añinir coined the term Mapurbe (Mapu=Mapuche; urbe=city) in the early 2000's to assert the lives and experiences of Mapuches as urban dwellers; a poetic and political claim that shaped his well-known collection of poems Mapurbe (Santiago, 2005). In this way, he pioneered the incorporation of the urban Mapuche experience in poetry and literature in Chile, an “urban turn” that has influenced other Mapuche authors in the recent years. Recently, David Aniñir has published a second poetry book titled Guilitranalwe (Santiago, 2014), in which he expands his poetics of the Mapurbe.


The visits of Mayra Santos-Febres and David Aniñir are organized byProfessors Jossianna Arroyo-Martínez and Luis E. Cárcamo-Huechante, with the assistance of graduate student Ana Cecilia Calle. For any inquiry, contact Ana Cecilia Calle (

Sponsored by: the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, NAIS, LLILAS, The Graduate School's Academic Fund, the Rapoport Center, the Comparative Literature Program

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