Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Cervantes Society of America: Third Central Texas Cervantes Symposium

2 Days, 2 Locations; 3 Sessions and a Public Program

Fri, October 5, 2012 | Fri.Oct.5-BEN 2.104; Sat.Oct.6-Wizard Academy (Public Programs Held in Wizard’s Tower)

9:00 AM - 3:15 PM

Cervantes Society of America: Third Central Texas Cervantes Symposium

Cervantes Society of America

Third Central Texas Cervantes Symposium

October 5-6, 2012

Austin, Texas

Friday, October 5                                            Saturday, October 6

The University of Texas at Austin                     Wizard Academy

Department of Spanish and Portuguese            16221 Crystal Hills Drive
Benedict Hall 2.104                                         Austin, TX 78737
(512) 471-4936                                               (512) 295-5700


Friday, October 5

Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Benedict Hall 2.104

9:00-9:15       Coffee and Welcome

*Adrienne Martín, Vice-President, Cervantes Society of America

9:15-10:30    Session 1:  Cervantes Beyond Spain

*Chair: Ana Laguna (Rutgers University, Camden)

*Steven Hutchinson (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

                         “Cervantes and the Invention of a Literary Mediterranean”

*Christopher Weimer (Oklahoma State University)

                         “Cervantes, Walpole, and Gothic Paratexts”

*David Castillo (State University of New York, Buffalo)

                        “Don Quixote and Political Satire: Cervantine Lessons from Sacha Baron Cohen and Stephen Colbert”

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45-12:00  Session 2:  Rethinking Margins and Identities

*Chair:  Georgina Dopico-Black (New York University) 

*Adrienne L. Martín (University of California, Davis)

                        “Berganza, Canine Actor on the Early Modern Stage”

*John Beusterien (Texas Tech University)

                        "Sancho's Donkey: A Comic Ride to Giorgio Agamben's Bare Life"

*William H. Clamurro (Emporia State University)

                        “Cervantes and Racism”

12:15-1:45    Lunch for symposium speakers and panelists

2:00-3:15       Session 3:  Cognitive Cervantes

*Chair:  Bruce R. Burningham (Illinois State University)

                        Editor, Cervantes

*Julien Simon (Indiana University East)

                        Co-Editor, Cognitive Cervantes

                        “Cognitive Literary Studies and Cervantes: An Overview”

*Cory A. Reed (The University of Texas at Austin)

                        “Embodiment and Representational Hunger in Don Quijote

*Steven Wagschal, (Indiana University)

                        “Cognitive Embodiment and Olfaction in Cervantes: Something Fishy About Those Talking Dogs”

October 6

Wizard Academy: Public Programs Held in Wizard’s Tower

9:00-12:00    CSA Executive Council Business Meeting

12:00-1:00    Lunch for CSA Executive Council and program speakers

Rare Book Exhibit: Selections from the Eduardo Urbina Cervantes Collection

(Cushing Memorial Library, Texas A&M University)

*Larry Mitchell, Director of Cushing Memorial Library

Public Program

1:30-2:00       Welcome

*Roy Williams, Wizard Academy

2:00-3:00       Problematizing Religion and Ethics in Cervantes

*Chair:  Matthew Wyszynski (University of Akron)

*Michael McGrath (Georgia Southern University)

                “Don Quijote and Moral Theology: What a Knight and His Squire Can Teach Us About Christian Living”

*David A. Boruchoff (McGill University)

                       “Los malvados cristianos del teatro de Cervantes”

3:00-3:15       Break

3:15-4:15       Cervantes and Print Culture

*Chair:  Cory A. Reed (The University of Texas at Austin)

*Mark McGraw (Texas A&M University)

                       “The Universal Quixote: Appropriations of a Literary Icon”

*Eduardo Urbina (Texas A&M University)

                       “Raros y curiosos at the TAMU Cushing Cervantes Collection”

4:15-4:30       Break

4:15-5:00       Roundtable Discussion: Cervantine Invention

Moderator:       Mercedes Alcalá-Galán (University of Wisconsin)

Panelists:          Ana Laguna (Rutgers University, Camden)

                       David A. Boruchoff (McGill University)

                       Matthew Wyszynski (University of Akron)

Respondent:     Bruce R. Burnigham (Illinois State University)

Sponsored by: Wizard Academy, and The Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin

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