Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Summer 2013 Research Award Presentations

Mon, March 17, 2014 | BEN 2.104

9:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Summer 2013 Research Award Presentations

Every summer, our graduate students go to all corners of the world to pursue their research. Every fall, they return with new data, new perspectives, and a better understanding of both the world and their own field of research. Their summer data expands the Department’s research culture, increases our overall research capacity, enhances the creativity and productivity of both the student researchers themselves, and the academics directing their work, and provides opportunity for our student researchers to better identify their goals and research needs. Ultimately, these efforts contribute not only to the building of human capital inside our Department, but primarily to impact elsewhere after our students graduate and deploy their new-found abilities all over the world. Research-based studies are the primary pillar of what this Department is all about. This is why we are so proud of what our students have accomplished. We encourage everyone to attend the Summer 2013 Research Award Presentations! Mark it on your calendars!

Summer 2013 Research Award Presentations

First Panel           9:30am-11am

Brendan Regan                       “The demerger of ceceo: Prestige, stigma, and linguistic change in Western Andalucía.”

Daniela Sevilla                       “Self-Censorship and Contemporary Reaction: Vasconcelos’s Manuscripts and the SEP’s Archives.”

Giulianna Zambrano   “Remanentes carcelarios: disidencia, estética y ley en México y Puerto Rico.”

Diana Norton              “11-M and Conspiracy: Reading race and class into narratives of Madrid's train Bombings.”

Second Panel     11:45am-12:45pm

Brandon Baird             “Linguistic transfer: information structure among Spanish-K’ichee’ (Mayan) Bilinguals.”

Eliseo Jacob                “The ACTFL-OPI: Practical Applications for Heritage Speakers.”

Brian Bobbitt               “Mourning The Normative Wall: Memory and Belonging in Abderrahman El Fathi's Poetics.”

Adam Coon                “Shelling and Rewriting the Corn: Inverted Metaphors and the Questioning of Patriarchy by Contemporary Nahua Women Authors.”

Third Panel         1pm -2:30pm

Adriana Pacheco        “Puebla, Oaxaca, y la Ciudad de México: En la búsqueda de la Sociedad Católica de señoras.”

Christina McCoy        “Linked In: Cervantes' Algerian Captivity Plays and Early Modern Social Networks.”   

Nancy Tille-Victorica            “Chile Forty Years After the Military Coup: The Memories and Legacy of Trauma.”

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