Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Brazilian Cinema

Mon, November 19, 2007 | MEZ 1.306

7:30 PM

Free Admission

Ônibus 174 is a carefully done documentary that investigates the hijack of
Bus 174 in Rio de Janeiro on June 12, 2000 (ironically Valentines day in
Brazil). The film emerges from the live broadcast on national television of
the threatening hijacker that paralyzed the entire country for four and a
half hours. Hence, this footage will serve as a stem for the film.

It not only explains the dramatic events that unfolded as the police tried
to handle the situation, but it also tells the story of Sandro do
Nascimento, a menino da rua, revealing how a typical Rio de Janeiro street
kid was transformed into a violent criminal.

As for international recognition, Ônibus 174 won the price for Best
Documentary in the Havana Film Festival, Rio de Janeiro International Film
Festival, and São Paulo International Film Festival.

Sponsored by: The Spanish and Portuguese Department Film Series and LLILAS

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