Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Jill Robbins

Crossing through Chueca Lesbian Literary Culture in Queer MadridCrossing through Chueca, Lesbian Literary Culture in Queer Madrid

Crossing through Chueca examines how lesbian literary culture fared in Madrid from the end of the countercultural movement in 1988 until the gay marriage march in 2005. In examining how women’s sexual identities have become visible in and through the Chueca phenomenon, this work is a revealing example of transnational queer studies within the broader Western discussion on gender and sexuality.

Author Professor Jill Robbins.

Frames of Referents: The Postmodern Poetry of Guillermo CarneroFrames of Referents: The Postmodern Poetry of Guillermo Carnero

Guillermo Carnero is one of the most important contemporary poets of Spain. The current study seeks to move beyond the limiting perspective of the Spanish generational paradigm by examining Carnero's work in the context of critical theories developed in the West following World War II.

Author Professor Jill Robbins.

P/Herversions: Critical Studies of Ana RossettiP/Herversions: Critical Studies of Ana Rossetti

Ana Rossetti is a unique phenomenon in Spanish culture, a performer and writer who resists categorization within any single genre, gender, period, or medium. She began as a performer, and she has returned repeatedly to artistic performance, playfully inverting and perverting norms, continually and radically transforming her public image, and mixing high and low culture.

Editor Professor Jill Robbins.

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