Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Department Policies

Requests for funding for visitors must be submitted a semester in advance. The deadlines are as follows: 
  • Spring/Summer - October 1
  • Fall - March 1
The request form is located here

COLA Visitor Policies

Prior authorization is required for all visitors. Please begin this process by completing the Professional Services Payment Questionnaire (PSPQ). We ask that you submit this survey no less than 2 weeks prior to a visitor’s arrival, but it can be submitted months in advance, if you have the information needed to complete the form. CBS will determine which document fits the scenario, and will generate a Request for Travel Authorization (RTA), or a Professional Business Services (PBS) document.
Your visitor scenario may require a PIF/ID if any payments are to be made directly to, or to the benefit of the visitor. Please let CBS know if you are unsure of the visitor’s status in the Vendor ID system.
If you know the visitor will be traveling on a visa, please include the visa info/type, so we can ensure they are able to be paid, and let you know what materials might be required.
Please list any alternative sources of funding (i.e. accounts from other units/co-sponsorship scenarios, etc.).
Visitors may be reimbursed for travel expenses, or a direct-bill format may be used. Group authorization (via APS) is available for parties of 10 or more, but will need to be requested well in advance of intended travel dates.
Direct-bill airfare can be arranged using one of the following resources: Anthony Travel, Concur, or Corporate Travel Planners.
Travelers will be required to submit receipts for any expenses they wish to be reimbursed.
Lodging expenses for visitors can be reimbursed or direct-billed (which is the preferred method). An authorized travel card can be used to cover lodging, and transportation to and from visitor's lodging.
When direct billing is set up to cover lodging for a group of visitors, a contract is required.
If a visitor wishes to be reimbursed for lodging, they must submit a folio or proof of payment.
Visitors can be paid fees for lectures or services, and can be reimbursed for expenses they might incur for travel, once proper approval has been received. It is also important that all visa information has been obtained and reviewed, to determine if payment is allowed.
A signed PBS or APS (depending on the scenario), and an EICCC are required to initiate the payment process for services.
Receipts are required for any reimbursement payments.
There are several options available for delivery of payment:
  • Wire transfer – you will have the visitor complete the wire info form, and you will complete the Texas State Voucher form.
  • Check pick up – you will be alerted when check is ready. This format means that the payee is able to go to the Cashier to pick up the check. Special arrangements are required beforehand if a 3rd party will be picking up the check.
  • Direct deposit (if in US) – this must be set up in the system prior to processing of payment. You will need to complete this form.
  • Mail – a draft will be mailed to the payee at the address most recently updated in the vendor ID system.

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