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Congratulations to Dr. Dale Koike!

Thu, January 4, 2018
Congratulations to Dr. Dale Koike!
Dr. Dale Koike

Dr. Koike has been granted a Faculty Research Award 2018-19 which will allow her to work on her project "Pragmatics, Frames, Culture and Community in Social Interaction". The project will feature two sets of articles. The first set centers on Spanish pragmatics by native speakers (NSs) that will address issues involved in face-to-face dialogue itself. The goals are: (1) to micro-analyze some Spanish NSs as they talk, and to compare the findings with those of advanced Spanish heritage speakers; and (2) to ascertain the possible motivations for the use of given resources in talk, turning to use of reflection by the individuals as they review their own recorded talk (Koike and Blyth 2015). In the second set of studies in Spanish second language acquisition, Dr. Koike will look at interactions between NSs and learners, either of Spanish heritage (HL) or non-HL, who are unfamiliar to each other. Dr. Koike's goal is to find (1) what pragmatic resources are employed by both Spanish NSs and the two kinds of learners, of different Spanish proficiency levels, as they interact together; (2) how communication difficulties are resolved; and (3) how participants draw on background knowledge, including that of communities and cultural norms, to help them reach common ground, given that they do not know each other. 

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