Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Fourth Texas Cervantes Symposium


The Cervantes Society of America announces the Fourth Texas Cervantes Symposium, to be held on campus on Friday, September 20, with a second day off campus on Saturday, September 21. The CSA sponsors four national symposia annually, and we are fortunate to be able to host this event for a fourth consecutive year.
Admission is free and all sessions are open to the public. Friday's events will be held throughout the day in BEN 2.104, beginning at 9:30 AM. Saturday afternoon's sessions will be held at the Wizard Academy, off campus, beginning at 1:30 PM.
The symposium brings together scholars from the United States and Canada who represent a diverse array of research agendas and areas of expertise. This year's program includes scholarly sessions devoted to the cultural and political contexts of Cervantes's works, Cervantes in the media, popular performance and street theater, and future trends in early modern studies.

This program is made possible by the generous support of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Center for European Studies.


Friday, September 20

Department of Spanish and Portuguese, The University of Texas at Austin

Benedict Hall 2.104


9:30-9:45       Welcome

                        Jill Robbins, Chair, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

                        Adrienne Martín, President, Cervantes Society of America


9:45-11:15    Cervantes Between the Lines

                        Moderator: Adrienne Martín (University of California, Davis)


            Frederick A. de Armas (University of Chicago)

                        "The Curious Case of the Kidnapped Princess: An Untold Story in Don                                    Quijote"


            Georgina Dopico Black (New York University)

                        "Persona casta y tan pacífica" (I, 15): Cervantes, Personhood, and                               the Humanities”


            Mercedes Alcalá-Galán (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

                        “ ‘Estas damas que suelen llamar del vicio’: Hipólita (Persiles, IV) y la                          narrativa de la redención.”


11:15-11:30 Break


11:30-12:30  Roundtable: Cervantes in/and His Time and Ours (Media,                                       Culture, Politics)

                        Moderator:     David A. Boruchoff (McGill University)

                        Panelists:        Bruce R. Burningham (Illinois State University)

                                                David Castillo (State University of New York, Buffalo)

                                                Anne J. Cruz (University of Miami)


12:30-2:30    Lunch Break


2:30-3:30       Contextualizing Cervantes

                        Moderator: Anne J. Cruz (University of Miami)


            Howard Mancing (Purdue University)

                        “The Amadís Phenomenon”


            Eduardo Urbina (Texas A&M University)

                        “"Una aproximación ilustrada a las Novelas ejemplares”


3:30-3:45       Break



3:45-4:45       Roundtable: MLA Approaches to Teaching Don Quixote

                        Moderator:     Lisa Vollendorf (San José State University)

                        Panelists:        Bruce R. Burningham (Illinois State University)

                                                Sidney Donnell (Lafayette College)

                                                Cory A. Reed (University of Texas at Austin)




Saturday, September 21: Wizard Academy

Afternoon Public Program Held in Wizard’s Tower


Public Program

1:30-2:30       Welcome

                        Roy Williams, Wizard Academy


2:30-3:30       Reconsidering Exemplarity for the Centenary of the Novelas

                        Moderator: Matthew Wyszynski (University of Akron)


            E. Michael Gerli (University of Virginia)

                        “The problematic exemplarity of La ilustre fregona”


            David A. Boruchoff (McGill University)

                        “Unhappy Endings: La fuerza de la sangre and the Novelas ejemplares                          of Miguel de Cervantes”


3:30-3:45       Break


3:45-4:15       Street Theater and the Quixote

                        Sidney Donnell (Lafayette College)

                        “Guerrilla Quixote (with All Necessary Permits)”


4:15-4:30       Break


4:30-5:30       Presidential Roundtable: Future Directions in Cervantes Studies

                        Moderator:     Steven Hutchinson (University of Wisconsin)

                        Panelists:        Frederick A. de Armas (University of Chicago)

                                                            “The Archeology of Place: Cities in Cervantes”

                                                Howard Mancing (Purdue University)

                                                            “Putting Cervantes in Context”

                                                Adrienne Martin (University of California, Davis)

                                                            “Cervantes romancista”