Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Pragda Film Festival

Globalized Subjects, Rural Ecologies.

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese invites you to a Film Festival to be held betwen October 23rd and October 25th with the support of the Spanish Film Club of PRAGDA and the collaboration of the English Department and the Department of Radio-Television-Film.

The schedule for the Film Festival:

EVEN THE RAIN (También la Lluvia)
Icíar Bollaín / Spain / 104 min / 2011 / Spanish with English subtitles
7:00 PM – MEZ 1.306
Filmmaker Sebastián (Gael García Bernal) and his cynical producer Costa (Luis Tosar) arrive in Cochabamba, Bolivia to make a film about Columbusʼs voyage to the New World and the subjugation of the indigenous population. Just as filming begins, the natives face a crisis when the government privatizes the water company and prices skyrocket. Daily protests erupt and the local man cast as a rebellious sixteenth century Taino chief, also becomes a leader in the water hike protests. Spanish submission for the 2012 Best Foreign-Language Academy Award.

ETERNAL AMAZON (Amazonia Eterna)
Belisario Franca / Brazil / 88 min / 2013 / Portuguese with English subtitles
7:00 PM – CLA 0.102
The Amazon is a vast laboratory for sustainable experiments that are unveiling new relationships among human beings, corporations, and this natural heritage that is crucial for life on the planet. This is where the guidelines are being drawn up for a new global economic model: the green economy. With astonishing cinematography and soundtrack, Eternal Amazon presents a critical analysis of how the worldʼs largest tropical rainforest is understood and utilized. Exploring the Amazonʼs five million square kilometers–home to 20% of the worldʼs freshwater reserves–the film asks whether it is possible for humans to make sustainable use of the rainforest, featuring nine successful projects for sustainable forest use that directly benefits the local population and fosters good economic partnerships. Activities such as agriculture, fisheries, animal husbandry and extraction are unraveled under the support of experts, including economist Sergio Besserman, ecologists Bertha Becker and Virgilio Viana, as well as testimony of Amazonians. It portrays the daily lives of the forest people as the guardians of this great natural heritage that could last into eternity, if properly managed.

FROM THE LAND TO YOUR TABLE (¿Qué Culpa Tiene el Tomate?)
Alejo Hoijman, Marcos Loayza, Josué Méndez, Carolina Navas, Paola Vieira, Alejandra Szeplaki, Jorge Coira / Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain / 107 min / 2009 / Spanish, Portuguese, Galician, Aymara with English Subtitles
10:00 AM – MEZ 1.306
What do you get when you take seven directors from seven different countries with seven different cultures and points of view? From the Land to Your Table is the first documentary of its kind in that it shows the perspectives of seven majorly talented filmmakers and directors from all over Latin America as they capture the conditions and cultural diversity of popular produce markets in their individual countries.

Pedro Pérez Rosado / Spain / 97 min / 2012 / Spanish and Arabic with
English subtitles
2:00 PM – MEZ 1.306
Born into a Sahrawi refugee camp before being sent to live with foster parents in Spain, Fatimetu returns to her Saharan birthplace following the death of her mother and, despite having been absent for sixteen years, finds herself expected to resume family duties. With unprecedented access to the Sahrawi community, who are still waiting for status under international law, Wilaya is Pedro Pérez Rosadoʼs poetic evocation of being caught between two worlds.

THE RETURN (El Regreso)
Hernán Jiménez / Costa Rica / 95 min / 2011 / Spanish with English subtitles
4:00 PM – MEZ 1.306
The Return is the story of a delightful and life-changing journey back to Costa Rica. After living 10 years in New York, 30 year-old Antonio returns to San José where he is forced to deal with the realities he ran away from. He is welcomed by his intense sister, Amanda-- whose husband recently abandoned her--and their young son Inti--who is apprehensive about Antonioʼs presence. When things take an unexpected turn, Antonio is forced to remain home far longer than he had anticipated.

The Spanish Film Club series was made possible with the support of Pragda, The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain, and SPAIN arts & culture.