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Professor Salgado: Member of Editorial Board for New Encyclopedia on Cuba

Sun, December 18, 2011
Professor Salgado: Member of Editorial Board for  New Encyclopedia on Cuba

A new encyclopedia on Cuba has been recently published by Gale Cengage; one of the top reference publishers in the United States. Rebecca Parks, Senior Editor at Gale Cengage, comments: "Cuba is a groundbreaking reference work in that it is a collaboration of the world’s leading scholars both in Cuba and abroad who contributed over 300 articles on an incredible variety of topics, including Cuban thought and cultural Identity, diasporas, ecology and environment, economy, faith, food, language, race, sexuality, sports, sugar, and tobacco."

Professor César Salgado, a faculty member of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese at UT Austin, was part of a 6-member editorial board responsible for crafting the table of contents, recruiting writers, reviewing authored articles, and providing guidance on translation issues and other queries.  Professor Salgado reviewed all the articles related to art, language, and literature, and also pitched in to help with emergency review of articles that other board members were unable to cover.

The other editorial board members were historian Louis A. Pérez Jr. (University of North Carolina), sociologist Maria de los Torres (University of Illinois), Víctor Fowler (Unión de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba, UNEAC), and historian Gladys E. García Pérez (UNEAC, Cuba).   Alan West-Durán, from Northwester University, served as the project's editor-in-chief, and Professor Salgado was the only non-Cuban in the team.

This encyclopedic project was officially launched at the UT Austin Department of Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Colloquium in the Fall of 2009. Regarding his experience as associate editor in this project, Professor Salgado writes:  "I take special pride in the two years of work I invested in Cuba. It is not at all an encyclopedia of passive facts.  It is meant to be an instantiation of the latest horizons of research in Cuban Studies.  It is a work of deep interpretation in new research fields."

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