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Congratulations to Jessica L Sanchez and Montserrat Madariaga!

Thu, April 4, 2019
Congratulations to Jessica L Sanchez and Montserrat Madariaga!

Congratulations to Jessica and Montserrat on their recent selection as winners of the 2010-2020 Faculty Innovation Center Instructor Learning Community Grant for their project about Land Pedagogy!

The main questions the learning group will address through several activities are: How do we dismantle settler colonialism exclusions in the classroom? How can acknowledging our relationships with non-human lives and surroundings help create a more inclusive classroom?
Jessica and Montserrat state: "We hope to increase understanding of best practices based on Land Pedagogy. We cannot separate the racial history and displacement that has impacted the lands that we inhabit from our teaching philosophies. Thus, we want to raise awareness about settler colonialism for instructors to acknowledge the diverse students’ personal experiences on campus. We want to promote our responsibility with human and non-human surroundings and their entanglements on campus, to achieve a broader commitment to academic inclusivity."

From the award email: “Your proposal stood out both in its alignment of goals and budget requests, and even more importantly, because of your idea to increase understanding of Land Pedagogy. We are humbled by the work you are doing/seeking to do with this learning community, and we are eager to support your efforts to disseminate what you learn throughout this journey.”

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