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Undergraduate Spotlight: Alreign Bauzon

Thu, February 21, 2019
Undergraduate Spotlight: Alreign Bauzon
Alreign Bauzon

Alreign Bauzon. Spanish/Portuguese and Communication Studies: Human Relations. Minor/Certificate: UTEACH Liberal Arts- LOTE (Spanish). Expected Graduation Date: May 2019. I love to teach foreign language and tutor. I was also a Gateway Mentor here at UT for two years. My other interests include language acquisition, playing video games, and occasionally playing volleyball.


Why did you decide to major in our department?


I always wanted to be a teacher, but I wasn’t entirely sure what subject I want to teach. I was contemplating different majors such as history, geography, mathematics, and even nutrition. After doing a lot of research, I decided to go with Spanish. Learning another language comes with many opportunities and lifelong skills. It was evident to me that I had to choose a foreign language as my second major. The main reason I decided on Spanish was that of the number of people that speak it in our region.


What was your favorite class (or classes!) and why?


My favorite class was SPN367T (Advanced oral and writing expressions for teachers) with Professor Dale Koike. This was my favorite class because it was mainly speaking based. Before this class, I haven’t had much speaking based classes. I grew tremendously in my Spanish skills in general. Also, it was the class that directly correlated with what I wanted to do in the future.


What is the most important/interesting thing you learned through your coursework in our department?


I would have to say all of the linguistics-based classes were really interesting to me. I learned so much about the diversity of Spanish as well as how the language works. These classes will also help shape the way I teach Spanish in the future. I believe a teacher should understand Spanish linguistically to be able to teach students effectively.


What have you learned about yourself through coursework in our department?


I learned so much about myself through coursework in our department. I found my passion, my career, and bits of my future research.


What are some of the skills or abilities you have learned through your coursework in our department?


Some skills or abilities I have learned through my coursework in our department would be research skills, study skills (especially in terms of learning a foreign language), and all of the four main areas (reading, speaking, writing, listening). I think the most important would be understanding and appreciating other cultures.



In what way(s) will the knowledge and skills you have cultivated through your coursework in our department help you in your personal and professional life after graduation?


In many ways. I want to pursue a career in teaching Spanish as a foreign language, probably around the middle or high school level. Therefore, there are so many skills I have learned through our department that will transcend my teaching in the future. Many of the classes offered have a component of culture, and this will definitely come in handy when I teach. Personally, I developed a passion for foreign language while learning the importance of acquiring a second language. I was given an opportunity to connect with a whole new set of people solely through speaking and understanding another language and culture.



Is there anything else you would like to add?


I was also fortunate to study in Santander, Spain in the summer of 2017 and in Salvador, Brazil in the summer of 2018.

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