Department of Spanish and Portuguese


Purpose and Staff

·      The Help Center serves the needs of students registered in the courses that comprise our Language Program in Spanish (SPN 601D, SPN 610D, SPN 611D, SPN 604 and SPN 612) and Portuguese (POR 601D, POR 610D, POR 611D, POR 610S and POR 611S).

·      Only students registered in the courses detailed above have access to receiving academic support and feedback from the Help Center. As needed, the instructors at the Help Center may ask for proof of registration in the courses served by the Center.

·      The Center is staffed by Assistant Instructors who teach the courses listed above.

Time, Place and Procedures

·      The Help Center operates in the lounge-hallway that connects Benedict Hall and Mezes Hall on the fourth floor.

·      For Spanish courses, the Center typically operates MWF from 9 AM to 3 PM. Consult your instructor for the most current schedule. 

·      For Portuguese courses, consult your instructor for the most current schedule.

·      When there are students waiting, the time allotted to answer each student’s questions is a maximum of 10 minutes. If there is no one waiting, students can stay as long as they need.

·      The Help Center keeps track of the number of students requesting help, the courses they are taking and the types of questions they have in order to help the Language Program improve the Center’s operation and functionality.

What type of help can students receive?

·      Students may ask questions about specific issues related to grammar, vocabulary, pragmatics and any other topic relevant to their language courses. They may also request assistance with practicing oral skills.

·      Help Center staff is not allowed to proofread, edit, or provide answers for any class assignment.

·      Help Center staff will not answer any administrative or logistical questions, as these must be addressed by the instructor in charge of the specific class the student is taking.

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