About Schumann's Kreisleriana

What does Kreisleriana mean?

Kreisleriana derives from Kreisler, or Kapellmeister Kreisler, the fictious, eccentric, wild, and witty conductor created by E. T. A. Hoffmann. Schumann composes this eight-movement work as an attempt to create the musical version of Kreisler.

How is Kreisleriana representing Kreisler?

Each movement of the piece has various contrapunctal sections, supposedly representing Kreisler's manic depression, while reflecting Schumann's own "Florestan" and "Eusebius," the two characters that the composer used to indicate his contrasting sides. It is also interesting to note that Schumann might have had schizophrenia, based on the symptoms he exerted, especially towards the end of his lifetime.

Which is the most famous movement of Kreisleriana?

Movement 6 is often identified as the "heart" of Kreisleriana.

(paraphrased from Wikipedia).