Welcome to the Ethics Blog sponsored by the Ethics Project at The University of Texas at Austin


Some time ago, a group of faculty members at UT from different departments set up The Ethics Project with two missions: to bring together the scholars at UT who write and think about ethics, and to lay the groundwork for the ethics center we hope will take root here as funding becomes available. 

We held a conference in November 2018, on the design of an ethics center, and we have also sponsored various smaller-scale meetings and talks. Every college and school at UT has faculty members working in ethics, but too often we do not know each other or, if we do, we meet each other all too rarely.  Hence, we are starting this blog.

My first posting will be on a major interest of mine—responsibility for war crimes and the moral injury that results from them.  This issue has been in the news lately, owing to actions of the president.  It will continue to arise as veterans of combat return and try to heal.

We will also have a posting early on from our industry fellow Rebecca Taylor.  She will give us her thoughts on the importance of ethical issues facing the technology industry, where she has spent 30 years as a software engineer, inventor, startup founder, investor, and mentor to startups.  

We are hoping that this blog will provide a good way for us to stay connected with each other’s work, as well as to let the outside world know what we are up to.  If you have a position at UT and your work touches on ethics, please do send me a brief posting (250-500 words) on an issue or an idea that concerns you. If your posting bears on some issue in the news, all the better.

Send it to me, as an attachment in Word, at

Paul Woodruff
Department of Philosophy
College of Liberal Arts