College of Liberal Arts

Welcome to Student Affairs

Liberal Arts Student Affairs is dedicated to the success of our students through comprehensive and collaborative advising services and multifaceted programs designed to support a diverse student population. We are equally committed to the development and well-being of our staff and student workers by creating a professional, dynamic, and inclusive culture.

Students on probation who did not meet the University’s requirements will be notified by the Registrar they are subject to a scholastic dismissal on December 20. If you receive this message and met the terms of your SUCCESS agreement, the College will continue you on probation for the spring semester in mid-January. Academic advisors will be available beginning January 6 if you have questions regarding your status.

Events and Deadlines

September 13 Twelfth class day
September 16 Graduation application opens (10/31 deadline)
October 28 - November 8 Registration for spring semester
October 31 Deadline day
November 1 Students may begin using OTE (see advisor)
November 28 - 29 Thanksgiving - university closed
December 2 In Absentia application deadline
December 9 Last class day
December 12 - 18 Final exams
December 21 Official graduation date
December 23 - January 3 Winter break - university closed
January 9 Tuition payment deadline
January 13 Orientation for new undergraduate students begins