College of Liberal Arts


Student Division Advisors

Student Division advisors see students who are undeclared, on scholastic probation, on scholastic dismissal, seeking a degree check, seeking an exception to degree requirements, in an emergency situation, or applying to graduate. Students should make appointments for degree checks, registration advising, success advising, and major exploration.

The Student Division advisors are located in GEB 2.306; call 512-471-4271 to make an appointment.

Departmental Advisors

Departmental advisors see students in their majors, students who are exploring the major, and students who have questions about courses taught in the department. Departmental advisors work with students to create graduation plans; discuss degree requirements and classes; explore honors options, scholarships, and study abroad. Advisors help students who are in scholastic difficulty; initiate petitions regarding degree requirements, act as liaisons between students and faculty, and between departments and the Dean's official as well as make referrals to other student services on campus.

Department Locations

African and African Diaspora Studies GWB 2.112 512-471-4362
American Studies BUR 436F 512-232-6851
Anthropology SAC 4.102D 512-232-2181
Asian American Studies BEL 220K 512-232-9468
Asian Studies / Asian Cultures and Languages WCH 4.116 512-475-6027
Classical Languages / Classical Studies GAR 1.140 512-471-7670
Economics BRB 1.114 512-471-2973
English PAR 114 512-471-5736
Environmental Science JGB 2.108 512-232-4545
European Studies BEN 2.108 512-232-4506
French Studies / Italian Studies BEN 2.108 512-232-4503
Geography / Sustainability Studies RLP 1.216 512-232-6344
German / German, Scandinavian, and Dutch Studies BEN 2.108 512-232-4503
Government BAT 2.102 512-232-7283
Health and Society PAR 114 512-471-5736
History GAR 1.140 512-471-7670
Human Dimensions of Organizations BUR 436 512-232-6851
International Relations and Global Studies RLP 1.216 512-232-6344
Islamic Studies CAL 512 512-471-5107
Jewish Studies (TTH with LAS) RLP 4.304C 512-471-9003
Latin American Studies (MWF with LIN) SRH 1.340 512-471-9419
Liberal Arts Honors / Humanities RLP 2.104 512-471-3458
Linguistics (TTH with LAS) RLP 4.304C 512-471-9003
Mexican American and Latina/o Studies GWB 2.102D 512-471-2134
Middle Eastern Studies / Middle Eastern Languages CAL 512 512-471-5107
Philosophy WAG 313 512-475-9185
Plan II Honors Program RLP 2.102 512-471-1442
Portuguese / Iberian and Latin American Languages BEN 2.108 512-232-4506
Psychology BUR 230 512-471-4410
Religious Studies WAG 313 512-475-9185
Rhetoric and Writing PAR 114 512-471-5736
Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies GEB 2.306 512-471-4271
Sociology RLP 1.216 512-232-6344
Spanish / Iberian and Latin American Languages BEN 2.108 512-232-4506
Undeclared GEB 2.306 512-471-4271
Urban Studies PAR 114 512-471-5736
Women's and Gender Studies BUR 540 512-475-7858