College of Liberal Arts

Cancel Registration

If you have decided to not attend the University for a future semester in which you have registered, you should cancel your registration before the semester begins.

Prior to paying tuition, students may cancel registration directly via the Office of the Registrar.

If tuition has been paid (including if financial aid has been applied or attendance has been confirmed) cancelations must be initiated with a Student Division advisor in the Dean’s Office before the first-class day. Students who paid tuition you will receive a full refund a minus a $15 administrative fee.

Students who are not enrolled at UT Austin for at least one long-semester, must apply for readmission in order to enroll in classes again.

International students should consult with Texas Global before canceling registration. Also note that cancelling registration may impact financial aid, housing, and veteran’s benefits among other services.

Once the semester has begun, students can no longer cancel your registration and must withdraw from the University.