College of Liberal Arts

Concurrent Enrollment and Transfer Courses

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment refers to being simultaneously enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin and another educational institution. The College of Liberal Arts permits concurrent enrollment and students do not need explicit prior approval from the College to enroll elsewhere while taking course at UT Austin.

Transfer Courses

Many students transfer academic credit from other colleges. Students who plan to take courses at another institution should talk to their academic advisor before enrolling.

Information about how coursework taken in-state transfers to the University can be found on the Automate Transfer Equivalency (ATE) System website. 

Students who are hoping to transfer courses from out-of-state schools should go through the Office of Admissions to complete the Pre-Evaluation Form prior to registering for any coursework.

Any courses completed at another educational institution must be transferred to the university. Students should also note that courses in which grades lower than C− are earned do not transfer to UT Austin, grades from transfer work are excluded from a student's UT Austin GPA, and all degrees require least 60 semester hours in residence at UT in addition to residency requirements in majors, minors, and certificates.