College of Liberal Arts

Current Semester Withdrawal

Spring 2021

Students have until 5 p.m. central time on May 11 to withdraw from all spring 2021 courses in the Dean’s Office.  For more information, please visit Texas One Stop FAQ and consult with your advisor before acting, if you have any questions.

Once classes begin, if a student decides to drop all classes they are enrolled in that semester, it's considered a withdrawal and appears on the student’s academic record with a symbol of “W” assigned to each course. Withdrawals do not count toward the six-drop limit.

The deadline to initiate a withdrawal is the midsemester deadline (see academic calendar for specific date in the fall and spring semester. However, students should initiate the withdrawal process as soon as possible, if that's their intent, as they may be eligible to receive a prorated refund during roughly the first four weeks of classes. The withdrawal deadline for spring 2021 was extended to 5 p.m. May 11.

When considering a withdrawal, students should consult with Texas One Stop on possible financial aid, scholarship, and fellowship ramifications, and/or with Texas Global on visa and immigration matters (if you are an international student). Additional implications students should consider before making registration changes include (but are not limited to): time to degree completionhonorsVeterans' benefits; professional certification; employment eligibility; graduate/professional school applications (healthlawgraduate); and athletic eligibility.

To initiate a withdrawal, students must connect with the Dean’s Office before the deadline. Students should also contact the Dean’s Office if they need to withdraw after the deadline to discuss any possible options.