College of Liberal Arts


Standard Pass/Fail

Unless specified in the Course Schedule, any student who has completed 30 or more hours of college coursework may take a course on the pass/fail basis. Courses taken on the pass/fail basis can only satisfy hours requirements as electives; they will not satisfy core, flag, College general education, major, minor or certificate requirements. In addition, only two courses per semester may be taken on the pass/fail basis and only 16 total hours of pass/fail coursework may count toward a degree.  

If a class is taken pass/fail and a grade of F is assigned, the F will appear on a student’s academic record and the F will be averaged into the GPA. If a D- or higher is earned in a course being taken on the pass/fail basis, credit (CR) will appear on an academic record and will have no impact on the GPA.

Students may register or change a course to the pass/fail basis themselves via the Office of the Registrar’s registration system until 5 p.m.(central time) on the 12th class day (see academic calendar for specific date) in the fall or spring semester.

After this period, and until 5 p.m.(central time) on the midsemester deadline (see academic calendar for specific date) students must make pass/fail changes in the Dean’s Office. All changes made by, and submitted to, the College are final.

Students should consult the academic calendar for summer session deadlines.

COVID Pass/Fail Exceptions

For the fall 2020 and spring 2021 semesters, all undergraduate students may choose to have a total of three classes graded on a pass/fail basis and apply toward degree requirements.

To learn more about this option and how to submit these requests visit Texas One Stop. When in doubt, speak to your advisor before taking any action.

Spring 2020

Note: the information below summarizes changes to policy that were in place for spring 2020. These changes were only in effect for spring 2020 and are not applicable in any other term or semester. Please speak to your academic advisor if you have any questions.

There was no limit on the number of courses that could be taken on the pass/fail basis and courses taken on the pass/fail basis during spring 2020 satisfied all degree requirements, pre-requisites, and internal transfer requirements.  A course was still considered passed if the instructor submitted a grade of D- or higher; it was represented with a CR on the transcript and there was no impact on the GPA. If a grade of F was assigned for a course taken on the pass/fail basis, the F still appeared on the academic record and was averaged into the GPA.