College of Liberal Arts

Retroactive Withdrawal

The College of Liberal Arts follows the withdrawal policies of the University as stated in the Academic Policies and Procedures section of the General Information Catalog.

Since students are expected to withdraw during the semester in which they are experiencing difficulty, and exceptions are only made for students who were unable to withdraw during the semester, retroactive withdrawals are rarely considered.

A request for a retroactive withdrawal must be submitted to the Student Division of the Dean’s Office by the last class day of the next long-semester. An appeal for a retroactive withdrawal for a semester prior to the previous long semester will only be considered if the student was somehow unable to contact the Dean’s Office during any of the intervening time.

Students should speak to a Student Division advisor in the Dean’s Office as soon as they are able, if they believe their circumstances warrant consideration. If appropriate, the Student Division advisor will provide the application materials and review the required components and necessary documentation for this request to be considered.