College of Liberal Arts

Scholastic Dismissal Appeals

First Dismissals

First dismissals (which last one long semester and any intervening summer session) are enforced except when a student has met his or her SUCCESS agreement. A first dismissal appeal will be approved in very rare circumstances. 

Under SUCCESS standards, a student must earn at least the minimum GPA mandated by his or her credit hours for the semester with no incompletes or F’s.

A student who sits out his or her semester-long dismissal and wishes to return to the University does not need to submit an appeal to the College but does need to submit an application for readmission. Readmission shall be recommended by the College, provided the student meets all readmission criteria.

Second Dismissal - Appeal for Continuation

Second dismissals (which last three calendar years) are enforced except when a student has met his or her SUCCESS agreement. A second dismissal appeal will be considered based on time to degree and/or nonacademic circumstances.

A student facing a three-year dismissal may be granted greater consideration since a three-year dismissal can conclude a UT Austin undergraduate career. Any student with a "reasonable chance of completing a degree" in a timely manner may be granted one final exception to continue on probation. Such an exception is a once-only exception, i.e., the College will not grant the student any future exception to the College's and the University's dismissal policies and guidelines. It is the purview of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs to approve or deny the appeal.

Second Dismissal - Appeal to Shorten the Term of a Second Dismissal

Students may appeal to return early from a second dismissal upon meeting the following criteria:

  • The student has sat out at least two long semesters; and
  • The student has raised his/her cumulative GPA to 2.0.


  • The student would have met the criteria for continuation as stated above, but did not file an appeal for continuation at the end of the semester for which they were dismissed. The dismissal notation will remain on the student’s record.

Second Dismissal - Appeal to Return from a Second Dismissal

After sitting out three years from a second dismissal, most students are allowed to return, through appeal to the College, to UT Austin if the Associate Dean for Student Affairs assesses the student has a "reasonable chance of completing a degree."

In addition to appealing, students must submit an application for readmission. Note: If the student has taken any coursework while on dismissal, the Office of Admissions requires they maintain at least a 2.50 GPA on all transfer work.

Third Dismissals

Appeals to continue or to return to UT Austin following a third dismissal (which are considered final) will not be considered except in the most extreme, extenuating circumstances. 

Deadlines for Submission of Appeals

All dismissal appeals must be submitted to the Dean’s Office no later than five business days before the first-class day of the semester for which the student wishes to return.