College of Liberal Arts



The University of Texas at Austin expects students to take an active role in academic planning. Appropriate registration of 14 to 17 hours will help you to graduate in four years. The more effort you invest in planning your registration, the more benefits you receive.

Registration Advising

  1. Run and review an Interactive Degree Audit to overview your remaining degree requirements.
  2. Arrange for previous institutions to send transcripts of any transfer or dual credit work not yet on your record.
  3. Identify any credit-by-exam courses not yet on your record. Talk to an advisor before claiming credit.
  4. Review degree plans (for general or specific majors) for the College of Liberal Arts. If you are interested in majors outside the College of Liberal Arts, view the Wayfinder and/or Center for Strategic Advising and Career Counseling websites.
  5. Gather specific class information from the Course Schedule.
  6. Use the Liberal Arts course description database and/or the University-wide syllabi database to view course descriptions/syllabi for classes.
  7. Review Course-Instructor Surveys left by other students, if interested.
  8. Meet with an academic advisor. If you don’t have your advisors’ contact information, follow the links for your major.
  9. If you are undeclared, call 512-471-4271 to schedule an appointment with a Student Division advisor.