College of Liberal Arts


Semester Prior to Graduation: Official Degree Check

This is a review of your final degree requirements performed by an academic advisor in the College of Liberal Arts Student Division. Official degree checks are intended to complement, not replace, regular semester-by-semester meetings with your departmental academic advisor. You must have at least 90 hours completed and an officially declared major and minor. Official degree checks are to be completed during the semester prior to your intended graduation.

Schedule your official Degree Check here.

Final Semester: Apply to Graduate

You must apply for graduation in your final semester. All completed coursework must be posted to the official record at the time the graduation application is processed; if concurrently enrolled at another institution, verification of enrollment must be provided in order to apply. The graduation application is available online from the thirteenth class day to the mid-semester deadline.

Participate in the Commencement Ceremony

If you wish to walk in a spring commencement ceremony and are not applying to graduate, you must meet both requirements:

  • Have graduated the previous fall or will graduate in the upcoming summer.
  • Be within 15 hours of completing your degree.

You must sign the walk list in order to be invited to participate in the COLA’s Moment of Recognition before May 7. The deadline for the University Wide Commencement Ceremony was April 5. To sign the walk list, you must meet with a Dean’s Office advisor. Log into the Dean’s Office chat to begin the process. See the Commencement page for further details.

NOTE: Signing up for the walk list does NOT constitute applying to graduate. Students who successfully complete the spring graduation application do not need to also sign up for the walk list; they are added automatically.


The Spring 2021 application for in absentia students has been extended until May 7.

The Spring 2021 application for currently enrolled students has been extended until May 7.

Only students who applied to graduate or signed the walk list by April 5, 2021 – the published University deadline -  are eligible to attend the planned University-wide Commencement in DKR-Texas Memorial Stadium. Students who apply after April 5 are still invited to participate in the COLA Moment of Recognition.



In Absentia

Tuition Rebate