College of Liberal Arts

Graduation with Honors

There are three ways to graduate with honors: to graduate with University honors, with Liberal Arts honors, and with departmental honors.

University Honors

To be eligible to graduate with University honors, an undergraduate must have completed at least sixty semester hours at the University of Texas at Austin. Graduation with University honors is based on the average of all grades earned in courses taken in residence at the University, whether the courses were passed, failed, or repeated. Courses taken pass/fail are counted in the sixty-hour minimum, but only letter grades (including Fs in pass/fail courses) are used to determine the grade point average.

The grade point averages established for May graduates are applied to the following August and December classes to determine honors, high honors, and highest honors.

Honors Rank: top 20%
High Honors Rank: top 10%
Highest Honors Rank: top 4%

Source: The University of Texas at Austin General Information Bulletin 2006-2007

*Note: The University of Texas at Austin does not use Latin terms (for example, Magna Cum Laude) on the diplomas or transcripts to recognize honors.

Honors Type GPA cutoff in 2016 GPA cutoff in 2017 GPA cutoff in 2018 GPA cutoff in 2019 GPA cutoff in 2020 GPA cutoff in 2021
Honors 3.694 3.729 3.738 3.767 3.793 3.858
High Honors 3.843 3.851 3.862 3.885 3.897 3.935
Highest Honors 3.938 3.936 3.933 3.955 3.966 3.978