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LAUNCH – the Liberal Arts Undergraduate Chapter for Research – provides opportunities for undergraduates interested in Liberal Arts research. A university-sponsored student organization, LAUNCH promotes research initiatives in the College of Liberal Arts by aiming to provide students with opportunities to work with professors, pursue their own research initiatives, or write honors theses. To that end, LAUNCH is a network of individual students, both involved in research and not, who meet to support undergraduate research opportunities.

Everyone is welcome in LAUNCH. There is no active research requirement for membership; freshmen through seniors are welcome, no matter what sort of research they are pursuing. Weekly meetings often feature guest speakers or panels to discuss their own research, or provide a mini-workshop on research-related topics. Members are encouraged (but not required) to join a committee. Committees are a natural extension of the LAUNCH mission; committees support the research initiatives of both the College of Liberal Arts and LAUNCH.

There are many ways to find out more information about LAUNCH:

We invite all students of any major (not just Liberal Arts majors), all classifications, and all backgrounds to join us!

Goals of LAUNCH

LAUNCH aims to help students find research opportunities through workshop meetings, mini-lectures, panels, or professor requests.

LAUNCH helps students to pursue research by providing information about funding, scholarships, and research presentation opportunities.

Research Symposium

LAUNCH hosts an annual Liberal Arts Research Symposium in the fall of each academic year, which provides a showcase for research. Presentations are judged by a panel of professors; winners are given valuable presentation experience and the chance to attend NCUR, the National Conferences on Undergraduate Research.

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