College of Liberal Arts

Personal Interaction

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Each Foundation Scholar is assigned to a peer mentor during their first year in FSP. Foundation Scholar mentors assist Foundation Scholars with any academic or personal challenges. Mentors meet with students individually and in groups, on a regular basis scheduled around their coursework. Mentors are well-trained and supervised by FSP staff.

Academic advisor

The Foundation Scholars advisors are specialists in the courses and policies of the College of Liberal Arts and are available exclusively to assist Foundation Scholars with the guidance they need to make informed academic decisions. As FSP's full-time dedicated staff members, the advisors are a constant resource for students in the program. In addition to advising, the FSP staff are there to connect students to information about scholarship, study abroad, and research opportunities as well.

Complimentary tutoring at Sanger Learning Center

Foundation Scholars will be provided with content-based one-on-one tutoring at the Sanger Learning Center, compliments of the FSP.

Community Service

Foundation Scholars participate in specially selected community service opportunities in the fall and spring semester of their freshman year. These service opportunities are selected with a Liberal Arts perspective and are designed to connect FSP students with the strong tradition of community service at UT Austin.